964 (1989 - 1994)

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The Basics

Car Tour Jacking the car

Maintenance - Mechanical

964 Maintenance Schedule Changing the engine oil Transmission oil change
Differential Oil Change (C4, Turbo Brake Flush and bleeding Brake Pad and Rotor Service
Distributor/Caps/Rotors Spark Plug Change ISV Cleaning
Air Filter Fuel Filter Belts
SAI System Lubing the clutch pedal mechanism Pollen Filters
Fuel Injectors Clutch Slave Cylinder Flush Valve Adjustment

Component Procedures

Dropping the engine Distributor Belt Procedure Clutch Replacement
Alternator Replacement Master Brake Cylinder Replacement Caliper Rebuild
Front Suspension Replacement Rear Suspension Replacement Rear Wheel Bearings
Steering Rack Replacement Hydraulic Lifter Replacement Starter Replacement
Power Steering Pump Rebuild
Ignition Wire Replacement Clutch Pedal Service and hanging problem Changing the Clutch Kinematic Lever
Fan Belt Sensor DME Relay Replacment Air Conditioning Diagnostics
A/C Evaporator Replace Oil Cooler Fan Changing the Muffler
Muffler Upgrade Windshield Washer Check Valve Replacement Horn Repair Expansion Tank Hoses

Oil Leaks

Valve Covers Oil Return Tubes Chain Covers
Rear Main Seal Breather Tubes Chain Tensioner Cover

Maintenance - Body

Hood Shock Struts Door Check Straps Reparing the 3rd Brake Light
964 - Cab top motor replacement and alignment Replacing a Spoiler Wall Cleaning Headlights
Rubber Seals and Felts Front Bumper Rear Bumper
Rear Spoiler Gearbox Rear Spoiler Grill Replacment

Maintenance - Interior

Seats Power Seat Drive Removing the door panel
Door Panels Speakers Radio
Clock Repair

Upgrades and the slippery slope

Suspension Upgrades and Installation RS Motor Mounts Front Protection Bar
Oil Cooler Fan override Switch Aux Oil Cooler Kit Cone Air Filter
RS Hub Exhaust Upgrades Drilled out airbox
Recaro SRD Seats Steering Wheels Door Sill Plates
Painting Calipers Turbo Oil Cooler Kit Turbo Ducts and Cooling Ducts
HID Lights Litrontic Lights Turbo Ducts and Hella Fog Lights
Third Brake Light Removing the rear wiper Adding rear fog lights
Reversing the windshield wipers Red Calipers Adding a performance chip
Installing new sill plates Installing new gauge faces Adding a Garage Door Opener
Adding Radio Controls to the Steering Wheel Automatic Window Opener Installing Trumpet Horns
Updating the center console Converting a switchblade remote Gauge Trim Rings

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