993 - Brake Flush and bleeding

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As suggested by John Wohlever for 95 or earlier 993s and 964s there is a drain off tube by next to the brake fluid reservoir, it will need to be clamped prior to the bleeding process or else the pressurized brake fluid will drain off from there. One easy way to clamp this off is by clamping Vice Grips to the flexibly section next to the reservoir.

1) Pull as much old fluid out of reservoir as possible with a turkey baster, refill with fresh fluid.

2) Fill Power Bleeder with new fluid

3) Hook Power Bleeder to master cylinder

4) Start at right rear; remove wheel

5) I built up a drain bottle which had a "tee" in it, with a separate 1/4" or so clear plastic tubing attached to each part of the upper "tee". Each tubing end gets attached to a bleed screw.

6) Open both bleed screws, drain out a 1/4 pint or so (fluid looks clear with no bubbles).

7) Close bleed screws, remove tubing, reattach wheel.

8) Go to LR, RF, LF in that succession and repeat (4)-(7).

During (6), helps to tap brake caliper with a rubber or wood mallet.

Original Article Credit : Ray Calvo

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