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Back in the 80s I had a BMW 3201 which needed speaker upgrade,it was nearly impossible to find 4x6 speakers then (and of course there was no internet)I bought these from JC Whitney and they were a drop in, no cutting, etc. Mounting depth is 1.75 inches.

Decided to upgrade the rears in my 964 Targa and Whitney still carries these (No affiliation btw) Part 468GS, Item No 037361, while the box says two way they are three way, list for $18.99 (a third of the cost of Infinity Kappas)

I know the audiophiles will go with the higher end speakers but for me, with Targa roof off most of the time and a Fabspeed dual exhaust music is an afterthought , I prefer to hear the car!

They are a direct plug and play..no wiring changes (use same ends as OEM) and the grilles included are almost identical to the original Porsche .. http://i1212.photobucket.com/albums/cc459/Targa2/Picture001.jpg


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