964 - Transmission oil change

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Easy procedure but a few things to remember

First off, make sure you can remove the fill plug...it wont help you a bit if you drain the case and cant fill it up!

Second, this is best done with car warm so juice will flow

With the car securely on jacks remove filler plug, then remove drain plug

Clean the plugs and let case drain completely

Now that its empty how are you gonna fill it from those squeeze bottles of gear oil

1. Attach a piece of tubing to bottle nozzle and squeeze it in (slow and messy)

the method I use ais a "oil drain pump" (I got mine at JC Whitney...no affiliation..its just the kind of thing they sell)

This pump was sold so you could suck the oil out from the dipstick tube and didnt have to get under the car...bad idea for many reasons...However this will also pump clean fluid, just put the suction line into the container of gear oil and the discharge line into the filler hole, hook the pump up to a 12v source (or plug it into the cigarette lighter jack), Pump the reuired amount in, let it settle (some air will get in the gear oil )


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