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A common source of fuel odor in the trunk is leaking of the hoses related to the expansion tank on top of the gas tank. Here is a picture of the expansion tank.

Image:Expansion Tank.JPG Picture #1 Showing expansion tank above the gas tank in the trunk.


  1. 3/4 inch i.d. (AN-12) Aeroquip rubber elastometer socketless fuel hose (length 80 mm)
  2. 3/8 inch i.d. (AN-6) textile covered fuel hose (9.5 x 15.5 length length 170 mm)
  3. Purchased from British American Transfer, Sarasota, Fl. (www.batinc.net).

Tools required:

  1. 10mm socket and short extension
  2. Screwdriver
  3. new clamps if needed

Before you start take precautions because you will be dealing with gas. Work in a well ventilated area, no flame or spark, etc. I started by removing the carpet. Then the air compressor. I wanted to be able to climb into the trunk to get easier access. To remove the tank you need to unfasten the three bolts (10mm) holding it in place. Make sure you get the black plastic spacer disks. Then unfasten the three hoses. It will now look like this.

Image:Expansion_Tank_Removed.JPG Picture #2 Showing expansion tank removed.

You should inspect the large hose that runs across the top of the tank from the fuel filler. It may need to be replaced and now would be a good time to do it.

Now that the tank is free you will see the hose on the bottom which should also be replaced. Be careful here, there is likely to be a little fuel in the tank and it will spill.

Image:Bottom of Expansion Tank.JPG Picture #3 Showing bottom of expansion tank.

It is easier to remove the hose if you unhook the rollover valve and swing it down. With it free you will be able to replace the hose. Cut the new one exactly the same length as the old one. It wasn't difficult for me to slide it on with a little twisting. I put the rollover valve back into place before tightening the clamps.

Now the tough part. Getting the tank back in place is difficult. You have to have your new hose cut to the same size as the originals, a little shorter may be ok, but if they are too long you won't be able to get it back. I started with the right side. I was able to get the hose on the expansion tank first, then work it on the gas tank. I didn't tighten the clamps yet so I would have a little wiggle room. Then the left side. I put the hose on the gas tank side first, but just at the tip. Then I positioned the hose on the expansion tank side. Then I pushed them together. Some lubrication really helps here. To make sure I had the hose in place I checked the tank position with the bolt holes. When it lined up I replaced the black spacers and fastened the bolts. You may have to use a little force to pry the tank over a bit to line up the holes. Once the tank was fastened I finished the tightening of the hoses. The top smaller 3/8" hose should be replaced, the end tends to expand an may cause a problem. Access to the bottom of that line is difficult and it appears the gas tank would have to be removed. You might find it easier to just splice in a new end and connect it.

Once all the hoses are tightened you are basically done. You will probably want to clean your carpet before reinstalling, it tends to retain odors.

Original Article Credit : Mark Schettenhelm and Paul Brewer

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