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To get started...first get an account.....

its as simple as…

  1. Login/Register as a user
  2. Click the “edit” tab at the top of most any page
  3. Make your changes
  4. Click the "Save page" button.

While it is that easy, please review and follow the Policies and guidelines before you dive right in. Remember the easiest way to adhere to the rules is to copy existing content and modify it for your own use. Its recommended to find an article that you like to use as a base, copy it and update the contents to make the article your own.

If you want to create an article, please check to see if one alreay is available. Use the following box to search for the article. It will allow you to create a new article if one is not available. Please search around for alternative key words.

If you do not find an article you are looking for, you can create the article by clicking on the red text. Please prefix the article name with the model number. For instance, if looking for information on doing an oil change for your 993, then search for "993 Oil Change" or "Oil Change" for a more general search. NOTE: The search is not case sensitive.

Unless your article is saved (and even then) its prudent to have a backup text copy of the document stored off-site. The mediaWiki software is quite robust but the greater threat is from the internet itself. If pages on the Wiki are modifyable by the general internet population, the wiki can be attacked by outside forces. For example, key articles can be rewritten with advertising, or totall deleted by either hackers or automated programs that travel the internet looking for security holes. In our case, Pcarwiki is protected since you both need a logon and you need to supply a captcha when modifying the content.

General Structure

In Pcarworkshop, the wiki enables authors to collaborate to build articles of interest. The articles in this site are related to Do-It-Yourself (DIY) procedures for working on Porsche automobiles. Of course, supporting information is also valid, such as specifications, pictures, manuals, pictures, etc.

The site is divided up depending on the Porsche model. For instance, the largest section is currently the 993, which was the 911 varient from 1994 - 1998.

For each model, a seperate article page is maintained that allows for the management and browsing of articles. In the case of the 993, there are in the hundreds of articles organized into logical groups.


Some basic conventions are usefull in that they allow for the articles both to be sorted and searched easier. The conventions are as follows:

  • Each article shall be tagged by its appliciable model. For instance, an article on servicing brakes on a 993 might be called "993 - Brake Servicing". Note this is the name of the article in the wiki. You can choose to change the display name, i.e. the name the user sees, to be whatever you want. If you take a look at the 993 (1994 - 1998) article you can see that none of the articles have "993" in front of the titles. If you select one of the articles you will see that "993" is now appended to the title.
  • Pictures or information uploaded to the site should also be tagged with the article name its tagged for. As an example, a picture for an oil change on a 993 might be called "993 - Oil Change 1.jpg". This way articles in the picture database can be easily found for a specific article.
  • Each article for a specific model shall be put into the category for that article. For instance, the category "993" should be in each article related to the 993. This makes generating automatic lists much easier.
  • If an article it copied from another place or site, please obtain permission from the original author and then, in bold, but in the following text:

Original Article Credit : Author's Name

at the bottom. This is just to give additional recognition for the authors of an article.

How do I create a new article?

There are a few ways to add articles:

  • Add your own article

Adding your own articles in Pcarworkshop is easy! The first step is to see if this topic has already been added to pcarworkshop. Search for similar articles by entering keyworks for the topic you are interested in using the following input area.

The search results will tell you if you have a match. If not, you can create the article by clicking on the red text which will start you off with a blank article. Once the article is finished, save it (or save it while you are editing) and email for its formatting review and addition to the main repository.

  • Submitting an article for addition

If you are not able to add your article to pcarworkshop yourself, you have the option to submit a written article via email. Email with your article and it will be converted to wiki format if its suitable. Please submit either Microsoft Word or raw text files. You may include pictures in the email, or we can have a conversation on how to get the pictures into pcarworkshop.

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