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pcarworkshop is a website intented to centralize, organize and archive all the information and procedures you will ever need to maintain and modify your Porsche automobile. The name pcarworkshop is a combination of the words pcar, which is an ancronym for "Porsche CAR", and workshop where most of us work on our Porsche cars.

pcarworkshop is written collaboratively by Porsche enthuasists from all around the world.

As with Wikipedia, this site is truely a collaborate work. Articles and procedures can be edited and anyone is welcome to add information as long as they do so within pcarworkshop's mandate to provide as wide-ranging and accurate information as possible. There is no need to worry about accidentally damaging pcarworkshop's website when adding or improving information, as editors and other enthusiasts are always around to advise or correct obvious errors, and MediaWiki, which this Wiki is basea on, is carefully designed to allow easy reversal of editorial and content mistakes.

Please be carefull though, newer procedures and information can be often have errors so the users of this information are advised to proceed with caution, and interactively update the procedures as they encounter problems and work-arounds. There is no guarantee that is information is 100% accurate so be cautious.

As well, it is not the intention of pcarworkshop to replace any of the large and well read Porsche forums that exist on the internet. These interactive forums provide a rich sense of community. However, DIY information is often stored in scattered formats in various threads, and is not at the fingertips of enthusiastic DIY'ers. The purpose of pcarworkshop is to centralize that information into one, easy to access, reference source.


The initial idea of a centralized Porsche DIY database was brewing in a long time Porsche enthusiast, Mike J ("Dr. J"). Mike has a long history of "doing it himself" including an 3.6L 911 engine rebuild from the crankshaft up in his garage. That project is documented in this wiki. As part of his enthusiasm for a DIY approach in Porsche maintenance, he has been a long time contributor to several Porsche web forums and was looking at a way to channel his ideas and knowledge. In conversations with Dennis P. and Rob C., the idea of a collabrative Wiki emerged. With help from his friends, Mike then took this idea and manifested it as pcarworkshop.

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