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PcarWiki is intended to be the best repository of enthusiast provided DIY information for maintaining and modifying your Porsche car.


Terms of Use

This Wiki was designed to serve the needs of the DIY Porsche enthusiast, including information contributed by many such enthusiasts, often anonymously. In that light, the owners of this site cannot guarantee or warrant the accuracy of the information contained in this Wiki. However, a review process by peer enthuasists will allow procedures and facts stored in this site to be vetted and the accuracy of the information will improve over time. In other words, as you use the procedures in this site, use your common sense!

The administrators of this site reserve the right to modify and block access to users whom do not use this Wiki according to its core purpose to be the single source of DIY information on maintaining and modifying your Porsche car. Please do not add materials and content not appliciable to this intention.

Video inclusion

For the time being we would like to restrict video imaging to be hosted off-site, typically on sites more suited for high volume video such as YouTube.

Legal Stuff

The body of work that makes up pcarworkshop -- text, images, etc. -- is protected by copyright as a collabrative work or compilation under U.S. copyright and other laws. Any unauthorized republication or redistribution is strictly prohibited.

The articles in pcarworkshop.com are in the public domain via intenet distribution.

In simple english, there are no warranties on the information stored on pcarworkshop, it is provided "as it", and you are using the information at your own risk. If you follow a link to someones website from this site and it causes you problems (such as viruss, or misinformation) its not our fault. You follow the link at your own risk. We will not be liable or responsble for any damages or problems of any sort because of the information contained on this site.

PorscheĀ® is a registered trademark of Dr. Ing. h.c.F. Porsche AG.

pcarworkshop is a Registered Domain Name of Clear Design Solutions Inc.

parworkshop is not affiliated with Dr. Ing. h.c.F. Porsche AG or Porsche Cars North America.

All Copyrights, Registered Trademarks and/or Registered Trade Names are property of their respective owners.


The names pcarworkshop and wikipcar are trademarks of Clear Design Solutions Inc.

You may use any of these trademarks in any medium so long as it is for the purpose of identifying or referencing this website and/or to provide a link to this website. You may not use any of the trademarks for any other purpose without first obtaining our written consent and never in any manner in which we determine is disparaging, obscene, unlawful or in poor taste, or diminishes or damages the trademark. By using any of the trademarks, you acknowledge that Clear Design Solutions Inc. retains all rights, title and goodwill in the trademarks.

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